Helga Finter ( MA, Dr.phil., Dr. phil habil.) graduate in Romance Literatures and History from the Universities of Constance and Mannheim. After positions as assistant professor at the universities of Mannheim and Stuttgart, she was from 1991-2011 full professor for esthetics, theory and history of theatre at the Institute of Theatre Studies at the University of Giessen, Germany, which she directed from 1992-2003. She has foreign teaching experience as Lecturer of German literature at the Université de Reims (1975-77), and hold lectures and seminaries in esthetics of theatre at the Collège de Philosophie, Paris, the Universities of  Strasbourg, Venice and Avignon and Rome and the Goethe Institute Sao Paolo, Bresil. In 2006 she was invited Max Kade Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Ind..

Her research focuses theatre esthetics, especially esthetics of the voice, theory of image and representation, theatricality of non-dramatic texts, historic avant-gardes and theatre and media. She wrote books on Italian Futurist poetry ( Semiotik des Avantgardetextes, 1980), on the politics of subjective space  in  Mallarmé’s, Jarry’s, Roussel’s and Artaud’s theatre utopias ( Der subjektive Raum, 2 vol., Tübingen, 1990 ; El espacio subjectivo, Buenos Aires, 2006), and on the esthetics of voice (Le corps de l’audible. Écrits français sur la voix, Francfort, 2014 and Die soufflierte Stimme: Text, Theater Medien, Francfort, 2014) and co-edited studies on Georges Bataille ( Bataille lesen. Die Schrift und das Unmögliche,1992) and on contemporary theatre ( Grenzgänge, 1998). She also curated the critic edition of two books of  Alfred Jarry in the Bouquin-edition of his Oeuvres, 2004. Recent books she directed are the edition of essays on esthetics and politics of  images after 9/11 ( Das Reale und die (neuen) Bilder Francfort /Main 2008) and the edition of essays on the impact of the notion of resurrection on theatre and arts ( Medien der Auferstehung , Francfort/ Main, 2012). Numerous essays in reviews and miscellany on literature and theatre of the 20th century, especially focussing on avant-garde- and performance-theatre in Europe and in the United States, on voice, on theatricality in a society of spectacle and also on authors such as Pasolini, Duras, Dante, Sollers, Bataille, Primo Levi.

Helga Finter is member of the European Academy of Science, Salzburg and member of the scientific board of  New Theatre Quarterly, Etudes théâtrales, Biblioteca teatrale and Culture teatrali.  She is editor of the book-collection theaomai-Theorien performativer Künste , Peter Lang, Francfort.

Homepage: www.uni-giessen.de/theater; there: staff/emeritus professor/Finter,Helga